All about Time Management - A Self-Experiment

All about Time Management - A Self-Experiment

How to set up a rough month

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Different topic for this time

This article will be a bit different from my other topics. This will be about time management. I try to achieve to use my time wisely. So that is all about it.

So... I had a very rough two weeks. I am overwhelmed with tasks since I am running 8+ projects simultaneously.

I wrote a question on Twitter about how everyone manages their time, but as is usual, no one responded to my tweet. I often talk to myself on that platform so I started to use it as a micro journal.

The number of my ongoing projects is getting overwhelming. What are your best practices for time management? #timemanagement

— Teszáry Pèter (@peterteszary) February 23, 2022

I also realized that I have possibly tried to catch too many opportunities, and that is why I am having an unmanageable amount of projects and tasks. But life is like that. I have to live with it. Nothing left to do, but manage it right. So. As a one-man army, with no helping opinions from experienced time managers, I've decided to take a challenge on myself. I will try to make these right. So in the next 2 or 4 weeks, I will try to get the most out of my time, and ill try not to get burned out.

I will optimize the usage of my tools to do as much work as it is possible. I will also spare some free time to figure out how to automize and standardize some boring repetitive tasks. Make a plan for the next month to be as effective as it is possible.

And also I will document this process here on my blog as well.

First of all, I have to write all the projects down together, to see them in one big piece. Then I have to see my other tasks outside of the work projects, to organize and prioritize them. These are for example my everyday studies, administration, social media existence, and so on. And of course some private time with the family and with myself.

So, In the next few days, I'll prepare everything for this coming hardcore month.

The tools that I use:

These are my everyday weaponry. I am not affiliated with them (except Infinity), I've just linked them here, so you can see my toolset, and I will describe how I use them, and my best practices.

The main goal is to create a convenient workflow to manage all the work and administration as a freelancer.

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