My favorite tool for SEO

My favorite tool for SEO

Is Screpy...

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One of my favorite tools, that I use on a daily basis is Screpy. It is a really powerful tool, and it has many features.

One and a half years ago, I have decided to add a new service to my portfolio. I had several clients that wanted some SEO on their websites that I have built. Previously, I have been making Search Engine Optimization on a couple of websites, but in 2020 I've dived into it, more and more.

The first ones were a little bit of blind flight, but after a while, I have become more comfortable with it. The most confusing thing was that I have tried several tools to see what needs to be fixed on the site. The number of tools I used the number of different issues increased. The more tools I've used, the more different issues appeared. So I thought, I don't want to use different tools, for every purpose, because the fixing of the problems will never end.

Also, I have tried Hrefs for example, but they were too pricey for me at the start.

I was looking for an overall solution.

Then came Screpy on the way. I guess it was love for the first time. It has all the tools that I need (except reporting(white label reporting that can be exported as a PDF - Hope they will add it soon)) in one place. On the other hand, Screpy gave me the exact data. On ranking, on issues, on page speed. When I say exact I mean it. So I Screpy says that my page for this keyword ranks on the 2nd place than it did. While other tools were misleading with the audit results.


One of the most important features is that Screpy highlights the exact tasks for you, what to fix on your website. Show exactly which page has the problem, and give you tips, on how to fix them. So it really holds your hand, even if you are a newbie to SEO.

Serp Checker

Screpy has a feature that lets you add keywords to a specific project. Then Screpy will go and see for you where is your website ranked in the search engines with this keyword

Page Speed

Also, let's you check your site speed with Google Page Speed built-in.

Of course, it has a link checker, that monitors your overall links as well as internal, external, follow / no-follow, and even broken links.

Image Checker

The Images option scans your images if they all have alt tags for example. It is really useful because sometimes I forget it.

Content Checker

It has a Content checker, to see everything is OK with your content. For example, there is only 1 H1 tag exists on each page. Long titles, short titles, and so on.

Uptime Monitor

There is an uptime monitor, that keeps checking if there was any downtime on your website, where your site was unaccessible. It is really helpful in many cases. I have a client, whose website goes down one or two times in a month, so we investigated that the problem is not on our end but on the hosting company's end. so we decided to move to another hosting company.


So my overall opinion on Screpy is that it is a simple, easy-to-use tool, for all levels of SEO freelancers or Agencies with all the weaponry. If you want to work with a quality tool, Screpy is probably one of a kind.


The only thing that I am missing yet is the white-labeling reports, that can be exported in PDF. Furthermore, It can be sent automatically to the client.

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