The road to software development

The road to software development

My Personal Story

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Greetings everyone! Allow me to tell you how my own journey into the world of software development began. I have loved the world of computers since I was a child and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy my own computer. This adventure dates back to the mid-90s. Even though there was only dial-up internet back then, I was immersed in the magical world of DOS and Windows 3.1. Games such as Doom, Prince of Persia, Prehistoric and Flashback were still available on floppy disks.

Back in the days

I imagine many of us have similar memories. Then the websites arrived. In the early 2000s, I had already created my first own website using Geocities, developed by Yahoo. I wanted to use this site to showcase my music to the world.


As the years went by, life took me in a different direction. In college, I took a small course in web page editing, Java, and the like, but didn't really have a breakthrough. Then in 2016, I took a WordPress course and even got a certificate for it. Since then, learning WordPress and my love for it has filled my everyday life. It's actually my job, as I create websites and webshops for individuals and businesses as part of my business. I have worked as a marketer for almost 7 years, so naturally, I am also involved in SEO, which I also offer as a service.

Therefore, I am constantly learning, as WordPress and the possibilities it offers, as well as the learning resources SEO provides, are endless. However, after a while, I felt that I needed to understand more deeply what was under the hood of software development. I wanted to know how and why it worked. So I started watching online courses on YouTube and bought additional courses on Udemy.

Deep Dive

However, I usually just started things and did a few projects. So I thought that I should keep my learning organized if I really wanted to do this. That is why I decided to enroll in an adult education course in software development. In fact, I enrolled twice, the first time in 2018, but then I couldn't finish it because of work and other commitments. Where would I be now... However, last year I enrolled again for the same course. Since then, the course has changed, but I'll tell you about that later. The training is very intensive and time-consuming, but I am struggling to overcome the obstacles because I am very interested in this field and I don't want to give up a second time.

Thanks to my perseverance, I have successfully completed the first year, so I am looking forward to the second. But I don't want to be lazy in the summer either. I've taken the courses I bought earlier, and I've also bought some new ones to cover the topics I'll need for the final exam. I don't want to spend the summer without studying, because then in September I'd certainly feel like I'd forgotten everything. So I'll work a bit in advance and make it easier for myself because I'll be studying a lot of topics that we'll only cover later, but I'll already know them.

Come and Follow me

So, if you find this journey exciting, stay tuned and subscribe to my blog. I promise I'll talk in more detail about technical stuff later, but for now, it's just an introduction to give you an idea of where my struggle started.

Best regards, Peter

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